About Us

Ray and Lorraine Clement established Tinonee Orchid Nursery in 1984 when they moved to Tinonee from Sydney. The nursery commenced on a very small scale and slowly grew till, in 1987, it was opened to visitors on Saturdays. Due to a steady increase in size, and in demand, the nursery was opened to visitors on Thursday, Friday and Saturday in 1989. In 1990 Ray commenced working full time in the nursery and in 1992 the Nursery was opened six days per week and a full time employee appointed. The Nursery now employs 2 people on a permanent basis and 1 permanent part time.


Tinonee Orchid Nursery specialises in the breeding and propagation of many genera of orchids, from Native Australian orchids to most of the popular genera from many other countries around the world.

Many orchids grow in the wild in the Manning Valley; all within an hour or twos drive from Tinonee. It is these orchids that Tinonee Orchids have tended to specialise in, with many hybrids now available from these native species. Hybrids in fifth and sixth generation are offered to orchid growers, and much interest exists in these plants from within Australia and overseas.

Orchids from Tinonee are available at the Nursery, from our stall at most of the large orchid shows around the country, or through our mail order catalogue.

Visitors are welcome to call at the Nursery. However to visit, please call 6553 1012 to arrange a suitable time.