Virgin Cork Bark


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Tinonee Orchids have good stocks of cork available. This bark comes in the form of slightly curved sheets (occassionally flat) which range in size from 150mm - 800mm long. Some huge slabs are also available for those wishing to create large specimens. Virgin Cork Bark is an ideal mount for epiphytic orchids and other plants such as tillandsias. It also has many other craft and building applications. Cork bark is also used in terrariums, paludariums & insectariums.

Cork bark is sold by weight and does not include freight. All prices quoted for Cork bark are per kilogram.

A freight price for your order will be emailed to you prior to processing.


For specific Cork Bark requirements, please fill in the comments section of your order. 

As a guide, a slab roughly 200mm x 450mm would weight approx. 600gm, costing $16.00
Freight within NSW for that size would be approx. $16.00

Bulk discounts are available for quantities of 10 kilograms & over.

Quantity Discounts

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